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Please share your Date shirt story and send a photo of you wearing the Date shirt.

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Austin Willacy in the Chrysanthemum Floral Date shirt....from 
The House Jacks...the first rock band without instruments.

Mark Karan performing in the Kyoto Floral Date shirt in Dark Navy

at Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA.

David wearing the Dark Navy Tile Floral Date shirt.

Hi Colin,

We recently had dinner with Jan's sister.  She said "Great shirt" even before she said "hi" I don't think anyone has ever commented on what I wore before, but I have had several compliments with the Date Shirt. (I guess a button-down with a tie doesn't cut it).

Thanks again,


Mark at Le Colonial, San Fancisco, wearing the Parchment Chrysanthemum Floral Date shirt.

the Date shirt Conversation...

To Grace,

I love the shirt on him.  I'm going to buy more of them.  I call it the "magic" shirt because it makes him appear thinner

(he's up to 200 lbs!!!)


Grace wrote:

Thanks Jen!! I will forward this to Colin.. Hope you liked it on him too...

Sent from my iPhone:

Hi Grace,

I thought your friend who makes the Date Shirt might be interested to hear that Tim's coworkers are huge fans of the shirt. 

He wore it to work for the first time today.



Begin forwarded message from Tim:

I've gotten so many nice compliments on my shirt today. People love the Floral Date Shirt.


Russell with friends at his rehearsal dinner wearing the Navy Chrysanthemum Floral Date shirt.

Russell and Sarah at their rehearsal dinner.  Happy wedding!

Hi Colin,

My husband loves the shirt! It is beautifully made, and the fit is perfect. It makes him appear to be in better shape than he actually is (can you make women's shirts too? ;-) The fabric is refined and elegant, yet strong and washes easily with no need for ironing (I did steam it lightly). I'm really thrilled with it and will probably surprise him with another for his birthday.