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Colin Woodford, LLC


My Story

After designing menswear for many years I wanted to create a shirt that incorporated my diverse cultural background along with the ultimate in quality, comfort, and exclusive fit.  My desire was to offer men a new type of shirt to wear for special occasions, entertaining, and romance.

My Great Grandfather traveled from England in the 1800's working as a merchant for the East India Company to India, Penang, and Singapore.  His grandson, my father, was born in Penang and married a woman from Japan. I have always been exposed to an East West mix of culture through food, art, and music. I wanted to convey that essence of exotic mystery in my fabrics and prints.

The Ikebana Collection, first in a series of art prints, is a tribute to my mother.  At age six I was exposed to the art of Ikebana (the art of the arranged flower) and to her skill in cutting a flower and placement with one precise stroke into the vase. Her movements were graceful and I strove to capture that essence of effortless perfection. Each floral print took many hours of research and I enlisted a Sumi master to help me create the artwork for each print.  The limited edition prints have a hand drawn character instead of a computer generated look.

I look forward to creating more series of prints for you to wear and enjoy.

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Colin Woodford