An idea born from pure passion.....I wanted to create a very special shirt for men to wear for romance, entertaining, and special occasions.

My unique background in art, design, textiles and men’s tailoring, and my exposure to a mix of cultures gives me the ability to create these casually elegant and timeless shirts with exclusive print designs that have a hand drawn quality with a personal touch. 

Some of my original sketches for the Date shirt:


 Kyoto Flower SketchGrass Flower SketchChrysanthemum Flower Sketch


l use luxury fabrics with a soft hand touch with fine needle work and a masculine fit that flatters. These easy care shirts are great with jeans worn out, or tucked in.

One of the original print designs, Kyoto Floral:  

Kyoto Flower Print Design


Francesco Cura in the Date shirt:

Francesco Cura in the Date shirt