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Colin Woodford, LLC

Designing the Ikebana Prints

Apr 2, 2012 3:52:52 AM

My inspiration for the Ikebana prints...gathering photos, colors, artwork, antique swatches and

unique artifacts from the past...

Colin's Desk


Editing the final color selections and ideas.

Colin Woodford's Drawing Table

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What is the Date shirt?

Apr 2, 2012 3:52:51 AM

An idea born from pure passion.....I wanted to create a very special shirt for men to wear for romance, entertaining, and special occasions.

My unique background in art, design, textiles and men’s tailoring, and my exposure to a mix of cultures gives me the ability to create these casually elegant and timeless shirts with exclusive print designs that have a hand drawn quality with a personal touch. 

Some of my original sketches for the Date shirt:


 Kyoto Flower SketchGrass Flower SketchChrysanthemum Flower Sketch


l use luxury fabrics with a soft hand touch with fine needle work and a masculine fit that flatters. These easy care shirts are great with jeans worn out, or tucked in.

One of the original print designs, Kyoto Floral:  

Kyoto Flower Print Design


Francesco Cura in the Date shirt:

Francesco Cura in the Date shirt

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The Art of Attraction....

Apr 2, 2012 3:52:49 AM

How does a man attract a woman? Women notice handsome men of course, but beyond that, a guy with his own sense of style and confidence really stands out and sparks that curiosity of what his personality is about. And, taking that extra effort to dress well is a hint that he cares about who he is with or who he will meet.  Dressing well doesn’t have to be just about wearing a suit and tie, it can also be about feeling comfortable, approachable, and casually elegant.  

The date shirt embodies this spirit of creating a sense of casual elegance, an alternative to the suit and T shirt, a statement about personal confidence and style.

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A Gift for Father’s Day

Apr 2, 2012 3:52:47 AM

The Date shirt makes a great Father’s day gift.  Make your dad, dad to be, or special guy feel appreciated and loved. My shirts come to you directly from the designer with a fit that flatters in a luxury quality fabric that feels great to wear. The detailing is meticulous with refined needlework and river shell buttons and the prints are seasonless and timeless. The gift packaging includes Japanese “wave” rice paper in a handsome box finished with a silver-beige ribbon.


Father’s Day, Sunday, June 17, 2012

And don’t forget birthdays, anniversaries, and groomsmen gifts.....

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Colin Woodford, LLC

Marin county, CA, April 2nd, 2012 -

Colin Woodford, a seasoned menswear designer who has worked behind the scenes
for several top name brand companies has launched a new category in menswear
called the Date shirt TM which is sold exclusively online at
The shirts, made in luxury quality cotton with hand drawn exotic and elegant floral prints
"Gives men of all ages an alternative to the suit or the T-shirt to wear for dating and
special occasions," says the Marin based designer. "I want to convey an essence of
exotic mystery in my fabrics."  Colin, originally trained as a tailor, has also created a
new flattering cut for his trans-seasonal shirts which is neither baggy nor tight and
minimizes the midsection and enhances the shoulders. launched in February of this year with a capsule collection
of printed Date shirts based on the Japanese art of Ikebana, the arranged flower.
A self-described romantic, Colin Woodford was born in Japan and raised in Singapore,
and grew up during a time of great cultural blending and modernization in art, music,
and cuisine. His future plans include offering many more print collections based on his
years of exposure to many cultures and to eventually add all clothing categories,
adhering to his company slogan "clothing to live in, to love in."

Colin Woodford’s clients have included prestigious international menswear companies
such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Paul & Shark, and Country Road Australia. His long list
of recognizable American clients include such names as Banana Republic, L.L. Bean,
The North Face, Levi’s Dockers, The Orvis Co., Woolrich, J.L. Powell, Simms Fishing,
Nordstrom, and many more.

                                          Photo's by Stephanie Mohan  -  Francesco Cura, Actor/Model

Press inquiries contact:
Contact the designer:
Phone: 415-458-8771

We have high-resolution photographs of the Date shirt availble for download: please click here


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